Aster 'Gala Lavender'

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Aster 'Gala Lavender'

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... show offs! A gorgeous lavender large headed flower which blooms from June allllllll the way through to the first frosts in autumn. I CANNOT WAIT TO GROW THIS ONE!!!!! Probably the flower I am most excited about! The colour just looks gorgeous and I know it's going to look beautiful against the Novalis lilac rose I have growing in my garden, and it's also going to look fab against some of the lilac Dahlias too! These have amazing texture so they will really add depth to borders against some of the simpler petalled flowers.

Whilst all the other flowers start 'going over' these asters are just getting into full swing. A lot of people grow these flowers as cut flowers, but I have so enjoyed them in the borders. They're brilliant in the middle of borders with a tall plant variety behind them (larkspur, hollyhocks or ammi majus) and a lovely low growing plant like candytuft or alyssum at the front of the border.


I start Asters off nice and early in Spring, often one of the first flower seeds I grow. I start them off in pots or trays and plant out in May. They are annuals so I re sow these seeds every year.

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