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    A lovingly sourced collection of wonderful, pretty and functional trees to add to your spaces. From blossoming and delicious apple trees to super gorgeous cornus trees and many patio options to boot, there is a little something for every space!

    Please note: We have stopped selling ornamental trees for the season and they will be returning in August 2024.

    7 products
    The Rose Press Garden Gift Voucher
    from £5.00
    Lavender Tree - Lollipop style (Various Quantities)
    from £38.00
    Mini Rosemary Tree (45cm)
    from £27.00
    Mini Lavender Tree (40cm)
    from £27.00
    Rosemary Tree - Lollipop style (Various Quantities)
    from £38.00
    Spiral Olive Tree
    from £60.00
    Olive Tree (Various Quantities)
    from £45.00
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