My Story

"Just go for it"

Hello! I’m Lizzie, founder of the The Rose Press Garden, and that’s pretty much my life’s mantra…


Whether it be trying out new plants in my garden or giving up my secure job in the middle of a pandemic to start this business, I’m a huge believer in doing the things you love.


For me, gardening is pretty high on that list. I’ve grown up surrounded by gardening – Plus my first ever Brownie badge was of course the gardening one – but it wasn’t until I bought my first home that I realised just how happy it makes me.



As I began to transform my new build garden from a pile of mud and rubble into a flower-filled space, I found so much joy and happiness in creating something beautiful out of nothing.


I threw myself into learning everything I could and, while I loved every minute of it, I couldn’t shake my frustration with the fact that everything gardening-related was aimed at much older people than me. I wanted to scream 'Young people garden too!'



I wasn’t ready for stairlifts, reclining chairs or Velcro slippers.


Yet all the seeds I bought came in envelopes stuffed with adverts for these things.


Gardening was all I could talk about to my family and friends. I loved the positive impact it had on my mental and physical health, but there was no brand I could look at and say “Buy anything from there for my birthday”.


It was during lockdown, when my garden became such a sanctuary for me, that I realised how amazing it would be to connect with other young gardeners and help them reap the benefits of the hobby too.


I hated the idea that other people might be missing out on the fun because they didn’t feel confident enough to start or couldn’t see people their own age being represented in the gardening world.


And so The Rose Press Garden was born, with the aim of making gardening modern, fun and easy.

 ... and I haven't looked back!


I absolutely love helping beginner gardeners create beautiful gardens of their own and inspiring them to have the confidence to give it a try.


There’s nothing better than seeing the amazing pictures that people send me of the gorgeous flowers they’ve managed to grow.


I’m so proud that The Rose Press Garden has created such a wonderful, supportive community of over 26,000 fellow gardeners. Proof, if it were needed, that to ‘just go for it’ could be the best thing you ever do!


Come and join us!

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Why Rose Press?

The business is named after my wonderful godmother Rosamund Press, who sadly died just a few months before I moved into my house. She was such a special person and like a second mum to me so I named my house The Rose Press, which then led to my Instagram account The Rose Press Garden – way before I had any intentions of starting a business!

The very first thing I planted was a rose by the front door in her memory. My Auntie Ros was so generous, always giving to charity despite coming from a modest background, which is why I decided to donate a proportion of all sales to Greenfingers Charity. I know she would have loved what I’m doing and I feel proud to be continuing her legacy in some way.





Now let's get started and let me help you create a beautiful garden easily!