The Rose Press Garden is making gardening modern, fun and easy. Step by Step guides and ‘How To’ videos showing you how simple it can be creating your own beautiful garden. Easy to follow guides, carefully chosen collections and high quality seeds, bulbs and plants- all delivered to your door!


 Hello, I’m Lizzie. Flower and gardening obsessed.

I’m on a mission to turn gardens, balconies and driveways into beautiful, flower-filled spaces.

I’ve always loved flowers- from sowing flowers in my own patch of garden when I was little, to transforming my first house from a pile of mud and rubble to a beautiful flower-filled garden. I’ve loved absolutely every moment, and learnt so much along the way. I get lovely compliments from people walking past my front garden, or from family and friends when they visit. I often get asked ‘where did you even start?’ or ‘It must be so difficult to grow all those flowers’. By no means do I have all the answers, I’ve been learning along the way, but I do absolutely love gardening, flowers and creating beautiful spaces. If I can help even one or two people start their own garden, then what a wonderful thing to do!

I started The Rose Press Garden during the 2020 lockdown. I suddenly was working from home with less human interaction, but the thing that kept me grounded during all the uncertainty was my garden. Laps of the garden with a cup of green tea in hand was a way to get outside for fresh air, and balanced the hours at my laptop. It was then that I realised how truly special my garden was to me. I'd often sit in the garden and watch all the bees and other pollinators visit my flowers. I found it so peaceful in a crazy world!

I ordered some seeds to sow to keep me busy during lockdown, and the boring white package arrived with an advert for a reclining leather chair, life insurance and a holiday brochure- all clearly aimed at the elderly. It was so frustrating: I wanted to scream ‘YOUNG PEOPLE GARDEN TOO’. I realised there was no brand out there that appealed to me as a twenty-something gardener. Yet, gardening is brilliant for mental and physical health, and helps the environment!


So…I’m on a mission!

To make gardening modern! There are no elasticated waistband trouser adverts, reclining chairs or stairlift leaflets with my products. I want to get more people into growing. Gardening needn’t be dull or boring! It can be so much fun. All my products come with beautiful designs, prints and in bright colours. Guaranteed to bring a smile to yours or your recipients face!

To show how easy gardening can be. What seems like a complicated hobby, is actually easy to follow along. Blog posts, clear instruction cards and videos showing you how to grow beautiful flowers from seed. So whether you're starting out or completely new to gardening- I'm here to help you along the way.

To save the bees! I am so passionate about helping the pollinators! Imagine if every single person in the UK planted one packet of seeds in their garden or outdoor space- think how much it would help nature, bees and pollinators!

To give back! For every order I make a £1 donation to Greenfingers Charity. They create magical gardens at Children’s hospices and build spaces for children and families to enjoy precious moments together. Thank you for helping me support such a wonderful charity!

I truly believe growing a garden from seed can be easy and fun. Come join me in the modern gardening revolution!