Tori's Advent Calendar 2021 Experience

A Christmas advent calendar that doesn’t just last for Christmas…….

As much as I love a chocolate advent calendar (who doesn’t) the enjoyment of the chocolate lasts a maximum of 5 seconds however when I bought the Seed Christmas Advent Calendar from Lizzie at the Rose Press Garden. OMG!!

The advent calendar comes in a lovely box and inside was lovely miniature pegs and string for you to display so not only did you get to see this amazing Pre -Christmas gifts so did all your friends and family.

On opening the little envelopes, the choice of seeds is just fantastic everything you could need for a new garden to an established garden. In each day was a handy guide and how best to plant them. Once the days had all good a handy guide to tell you when to plant all the seeds and a cheeky voucher made Christmas day that bit better.

HOWEVER….. the most amazing thing about the seed advent calendar from the Rose Press Garden is after Christmas day has gone you haven’t finished in fact you have only just started if your like me planning is everything so boxing day I was reading the instruction cards again and looking forward to getting planting in the spring and here we are in summer with most if not all of my seeds in flower with so many bees and wildlife loving them the longest advent calendar I have ever had.  



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