Sophie's November garden

This time last year, if you'd asked me about gardening in November (or autumn/winter in general) I wouldn't have had a clue what to do or what to plant for interest in the cooler months. This year, I’m so pleased that I’m excited about my garden and can confidently say that, thanks to the November job card in the subscription box, I actually know what I’m doing.

Leaves have been collected for leaf mold, I don’t have a compost bin (or space for one) so learning that I could do this with a basic bin bag was game-changing. The sweet peas will finally be coming down, they’re putting on a fabulous display, but they're so big they've broken my trellis! I’ll know next time that I need something a bit more sturdy, I should have listened to my dad… I can’t believe the sweet peas and cosmos are still flowering this late in the year.

I’ve already planted my October subscription box bulbs (I’m holding some crocus back so I can plant them in the lawn), they’re a fab mix for spring plant pots. Previously, I would hide my pots until spring so I didn’t need to look at soil all winter, but after Lizzie’s video on adding bedding plants to the top, I thought I’d give it a go! Luckily, I got an incredible deal on some bedding plants so I planted these on top of the bulbs so I have some lovely autumn and winter interest while I wait eagerly for spring. I’ve popped some adorable little mushroom decorations in them too, so they’re looking very autumnal.

October’s box had me super excited for this month’s box, I struggled not to check the TRPG website and ruin the surprise but I’m glad I waited. November’s box is GORGEOUS, you can really tell the care that has gone into this to ensure that the bulbs all go together perfectly. I’m not usually a daffodil person but I can’t wait to plant up my Daffodil Salome, a beautiful cream and peach flower, that will look stunning with the accompanying Tulip ‘Salmon Impression’.

Tulips ‘Fancy Frills’ and ‘Pink Star’ are right up my street. I love a dramatic tulip, and they’ll go perfectly with the Tulip ‘Tabledance’ I ordered earlier in the year. I’m looking forward to having some cheerful tulips in my garden next year. Now to get planning on where I’m going to plant them all! 

I’m really looking forward to December's subscription box, and also opening the flower seed advent calendar (as is my mum, as I’ve promised we’d seed share). Having the subscription box and advent calendar in the colder months is a lovely way to keep me going with gardening. 

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