October Subscription Box... by Jess

Crocus, Mascari, Iris and Tulip. Sounds like a new pop band, doesn’t it? Something Simon Cowell would be proud of.  Don’t worry this isn’t a random pop band announcement on Lizzie’s ‘The Rose Press Garden’ page. I am of course talking about bulbs. Specifically, the bulbs from the October Subscription box that has just arrived on my doorstep…


What a treat. It’s so rare something arrives for me, being a mum of three, its usually for them. But this pretty, floral parcels arrival is always a welcome surprise. You see, it’s not just a subscription box, it’s a little box filled with ‘time’. Time, spent in the garden. Time, zoned out for a few minutes. Time, given to myself, to read Lizzies words, ruffle through the paper packaging and plan out the next season of growth.



This month, October, the ‘Autumn’ month is filled with bulbs. In my box there were bags of Iris (Ret Pauline), Tulip (Baker Lilac Wonder), Mascari ( Latifolinm) and Crocuses (Large flowering Mix) bulbs. What shall I do with them? Where shall I plant them? I have a small garden, aiming for cottage garden vibes, with newly dug flower beds, mixed in with the rustic family hand me downs. I love my old tin bath, terracotta pots and Belfast sink. As an initial novice, ‘lock down’ gardener, my garden gives me an escape, to plant, explore and just immerse my hands in compost. I am learning as I go, asking my grandparents how they would and loving this community. Sometimes I surprise myself, sometimes it’s an epic fail. This one of the reasons I fell in love with The Rose Press Garden, no matter your gardening experience, it welcomes you with open arms and easily tells you how.




Back to the bulbs. Firstly, I am not usually an Italian food lover, but I’ve decided to try lasagne. A bulb lasagne that is! Have you planted bulbs this way before? To be honest previously I just used to pop them in and hope for the best. However, I know now how to create the perfect lasagne and I am keen to try. I can just see the kids faces when I announce I am off to make a lasagne in the garden!!!  FYI Lizzie has a brilliant video on The Rose Press Garden of how to do this. I’ll give it ago with the October box and get back to you.




This is where you find me, trimming back plants, pulling up to make space and planning for the bulbs. Isn’t October lovely, you can’t help but embrace the hopeful feeling that popping a bulb in the ground brings. It’s in this small gesture that we give our future self some joy and as such plan for a brighter- more floral filled- tomorrow.


Off to pop my bulbs in.


Back soon.





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