Meet the Gardener: Daisy @gardentogarnish

The lovely Daisy is one of my favourite accounts to follow and I'm so pleased she could feature on my 'Meet the Gardener' Blog. You can feel Daisy's excitement as she writes her answers below. If you don't follow her already, then head to @gardentogarnish on Instagram.


Tell us a bit about you and when you started gardening and why?



Hello! I’m Daisy, I live in the Cotswolds and I started gardening when I finally got around to buying my first home. Living in rented accommodation in London for many years meant I had absolutely no idea what I was doing when it came to gardening…I’ve been on quite the learning journey! 






I now have a beautiful garden I call my own and last year, I was lucky enough to get a call from my local allotment to say a plot had become available. Over the past year I’ve been sharing my journey on Instagram and it’s been great fun. 






I garden because I love it, but I also find it transformational for my mental health. When I’m gardening, I’m mindful. It’s a form of self care. It gives me focus, a passion and enables me to connect with nature. It’s such a brilliant way to be mindful, to think of something away from work or life. So for me, there’s so much more to gardening than just the garden itself. That’s why I’m so passionate about sharing the positivity and benefits!






What’s the most ambitious gardening project you have completed or planned?



I live in a new build home, so when I moved in it was a total mud patch. No grass, no nothing. It was simply builders rubble and lots of very un-even heavy clay soil. 






Over the last five years my fiancée and I have transformed it into a haven of our own and I’m really proud of it! It’s by no means perfect, but it’s our first garden project and we’re really proud of it.  






What is your favourite thing to grow?



Foxgloves; they’re my favourite because they’re earthy and beautiful, delicate but rugged. And the Brucie bonus is they’re really easy to grow from seed. 






Anything new you would like to try in the next growing season?



Well, I’m looking forward to the year ahead because I’ve just become a greenhouse owner for the very first time! I’m looking forward to all the possibilities this opens up for growing. I’ll be throwing myself at cucumbers and all sorts! 






Where is your favourite garden in the world and why?



Very close to home, my favourite garden has to be at Bowood House; the rhododendrons are incredible and I have very fond childhood memories of exploring the vast ground and gardens. The grounds of Bowood were designed by Capability Brown in 1762 and the sweeping landscapes are simply breath-taking. 






What do you wish you’d known earlier about gardening?



How easy it is. I found it hard to get into because so much online and on the television presumes knowledge. That’s why when it comes to Garden To Garnish everything is straight-talking and simple to understand. It’s the reason I started my gardening club for beginners too. I’m passionate about breaking down the barriers around getting into gardening! 






What advice would you give to someone new to gardening?



Don’t be afraid to fail. Failing is good because you learn so much more. I have failed to grow things from seed countless times, but I learnt more from the failures than the successes. 






When not gardening what do you like doing?



When I’m not gardening, I’m either busy with my day-job, reading crime thrillers or enjoying a lovely long walk with my cocker spaniel, Ernie. 






Anything else you’d like to share?



If you’re looking to get into gardening, come and join The Garden To Garnish Club. It’s the ultimate gardening club for beginners! Membership includes access to exclusive content, events, tutorials, little nudges and seasonal newsletters. Everything you need to get started with gardening. Plus get exclusive member discounts too. 




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