Lizzie's Favourite Christmas Picks!

Here are some of my favourite products that are on my Christmas list this year! I hope you have fun exploring some new brands and small businesses.




Shell on Earth

I adore the crushed shells for topping pots indoors and outdoors. I hope I have a little bag in my stocking this year!


Studio LP Ceramics

The most beautiful hand crafted pots, vases and mugs! Leanne is an old work colleague and has created her own business making and selling her ceramics. She is super talented! Take a look at getting a bud vase for your growing TRPG blooms!


Amy Cole Studio

Amy is my amazing designer, she creates all the beautiful flower illustrations and packaging, so it's no surprise that I absolutely adore her products. Amy sells fun and cute sticker sheets, washi tape and is just my 12 year old selfs dream. A particularly good business to support if you have children too!


Harrod horticulture

One of my favourite gardening businesses. Depending how far up the Nice list you are, there is a huge range of products from stakes to arches, to raised beds... this is the ultimate indulgent Christmas gift!


Martha Brook

Queen of stationery- Martha and the team make the most gorgeous stationery pieces. From notebooks with your initials, to Wedding, Anniversary and New baby gifts... high quality and gorgeous!


Charlotte Ceramics

Charlotte has a beautiful business where she preserves peoples special flowers in her ceramics. Charlotte is going to preserve my wedding flowers and creates the most stunning pieces. So many of my friends have used Charlotte's business too and can't recommend her enough. If you have a friend getting married or someone with a special event coming up, then look no further!


Laura's confectionery

Laura is a bundle of energy and I cannot recommend her sweets more! The Peach ones are INCREDIBLE! Laura is not only an inspiration business-wise, but is a really inspiring person to follow. Ed's favourite is the fudge...! Cannot recommend this more!


Hicks & Brown

I love wearing my Suffolk Fedora hat around the garden or long walks in the woods in Winter! They're a real lifetime piece and are wonderfully crafted. There's not many lifestyle brands I recommend, but I would recommend Hicks & Brown in a heartbeat!


Urban Herbs

If you are enjoying growing flowers but would like to try something new- then check out Urban Herbs! Run by Andy and his team, they're all hand grown in the UK. Andy has a huge range of herbs from Pineapple Mint to funky Rosemary varieties. Give someone a gift card and let them choose their own herbs in Spring.


Ladybird Plantcare

What Tess doesn't know about pests isn't worth knowing... an absolute expert on all things pests. Using biological controls, Tess can totally transform sad looking plants into gorgeous ones! Never underestimate how some live bugs can transform how your garden looks. Send a keen gardener a gift card and save those pesky pest problems throughout the year.


Dalia Botanique

Run by Dalia, this amazing business sells the most fantastic serums and oils. I use the Face serum and honestly cannot rave about it enough. It has totally changed my skin and smells amazing. If you are looking to support an incredible female run business, then this is the product for you!


Doodling Lucy

Lucy runs Doodling Lucy where she creates incredible stationery based on her core values of supporting British Farming and Mental Health. I have bought one of her Annual calendars which has a new piece of British countryside art. I also use Lucy's weekly planner every day- it brings me so much joy on my desk and is such a wonderful way of keeping track of all things TRPG. Make sure you follow Lucy on instagram too @doodlinglucy as she shares so many wonderful in season recipes and reasons to support British farmers.


Clementine & Mint

Clem's beautiful business speaks for itself... gorgeous velvet bows for Christmas wreaths and velvet headbands. These are luxurious, British made and such high quality. I have the ruffled pouch and it is such high quality.


Smith & Munson

Full disclaimer: This is Ed's business so I am obviously very biased, but I absolutely adore his British grown flowers. You can sign up for weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscriptions online and you'll receive the freshest and most beautiful flowers!


Plant Grow

Now a pile of compost or mulch might not be the ideal Christmas present for everyone, but to me it would be HEAVEN! Grab a voucher to send to a gardener and make their crumbly dark compost dreams come true this year! A wonderful business based near me in Norfolk- can't recommend them enough!


Polly's Petals

Have a friend who loves baking? Polly's Petals are based in the UK and send out dried flowers that can be used for decorating cocktails, cakes and salads! I'm totally obsessed and love everything about their ethos! 


JoCo Candles

Stunning candles with preserved flowers. These are more than just 'another candle company'. Also check out the preserved flower candle holders- I have three in my bedroom and they always bring me a smile.


Enamel Happy

Run by Tracey, Enamel Happy is all about going on adventures. The business sells enamelware from mugs to tea towels and placemats. All with bright and colourful prints. I adore my enamel mug which I use in the garden and as it is lightweight it's easy to take on adventures too!


Pretty Cactus Plants

I love this business! I have saved the best until last!

Amazing houseplants, succulents and cacti... the perfect treat for those who have an indoor jungle!




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