Leanne's Gardening Monthly Subscription Box Review

A monthly delivery of flowery loveliness?? Yes, yes, yes.

I joined the TRPG gang in January when I first signed up for the monthly subscription and its safe to say I have not and will NEVER look back. I have grown up surrounded by keen gardeners and growers and whilst I got my very own allotment in 2020, I only had plans for growing fruit and vegetables. Well, let’s just say once I found TRPG on Instagram, there was no way I wasn’t going to incorporate flowers!!

Whilst I am new to growing on a bigger scale, I had grown a few vegetables, but flowers were completely new to me. I most definitely lacked confidence in myself and wasn’t quite sure if I was going to be successful in growing flowers, although with the help of TRPG, the monthly subscription and the endless support and advice offered over Instagram, I now love trying new seeds, varieties and getting stuck into growing whatever is sent each month.

As Lizzie always says, gardening is trial and error and it’s a process. Along with all the gorgeous seed packets and tubers we have been surprised with each month, there is so much information included to help you along the way. If you’re left a little unsure of anything, you can guarantee there is a blog post or a how-to video on the website and this has been such a fantastic outlet for me personally to build my knowledge, understanding and confidence when growing.

I am keen learner and whilst I have enjoyed the challenge of growing flowers from seed, I have enjoyed the opportunity the monthly subscription gives regarding learning about each variety and determining the most important jobs to fulfil each month in the garden.

Not only does the monthly subscription boast gorgeous seed packets, its encased with bright, colourful and bold designs that are captivating… ultimately drawing you in to be excited about each new prospect the box offers.

I have really enjoyed incorporating flowers into my allotment, not only because it’s made my plot look more visually pleasing but because of the benefits flowers have on the environment. My allotment is brimming with wildlife and it’s amazing to watch!

The most rewarding thing for me personally is being able to grow flowers from seed and give what I have left over to friends and family as gifts. My Grandma has grown flowers all her life, so to be able to repay her by giving her beautiful snapdragons, sweet peas and cosmos has been so rewarding, let alone noticing them growing in her garden.

I am a complete flower growing beginner and whilst I have so much more to learn, I am so glad that I chose to learn alongside TRPG with the monthly subscription. I have learnt so much, gained confidence and look forward to that beautiful little box of goodness dropping through the letterbox each month. The next stage will be introducing TRPG flowers into my very own home which is VERY exciting!!






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