Jess's garden this January

Do you remember Beatrix Potters garden? It’s imagined as an oasis of colour, mixed flower dotted alongside herbs, fruits and vegetables which inspired her tales. The rhubarb patch where Jemima Puddle-Duck laid eggs or the flower beds where Tom kitten played. Our imagination is set a-buzz with this backdrop of abundant flowers spilling out romantically over paths and fruit trees left to flourish. It’s the garden that reminds us of the freedom of our childhoods, the comfort of its ‘cottage garden’ charm.

The garden designs options nowadays are endless, but the need to plant, grow and create abundant floral displays is freeing, just like when we would run through a garden as a child. We are now the creators of said garden, and the options are endless. Now we are into 2023, let’s be creative & let the growing begin…

Speaking of growing have you seen the January subscription box? Its’ so blooming-beautiful. This month Lizzie has treated us to seeds!! Five packets of seeds, carefully wrapped together with illustrated guides, sealed with a ‘Making gardening modern, fun and easy’ sticker. Plus, we have been well and truly spoiled with an extra gift, a Artline marker (that is water and fade resistant), what a treat.

In my box I received the Sweet Pea ‘Sunshine Champagne’, Nepeta ‘Pink Panther’, Snapdragon ‘Sonnet Pink’, Sweet Pea ‘Naomi Nazareth’ and Linaria ‘ Licilia Peach’ . Sound delicious doesn’t it, I can’t wait to see them all blooming in the garden.

Now I know the garden is a bit bare right now so let dream of these dotted in amongst the flower beds, the bamboo tepees for the sweet peas to climbs up, the Nepeta (also known as catmint) edging the boarders and the snapdragons poking between perennials. Let’s grab some seed trays, pots and compost and get planting. Gosh how I’ve been impatiently waiting for this. Let’s go…

Now if you’re in need of a step-by-step like myself Lizzie has filmed a wonderful ‘January box grow along’ on The Rose Press Garden App. I have watched and made notes form before starting. I love how accessible the advice is, before I would have just thrown the seeds in, but Lizzie explains how to easily help them grow. As well as some helpful tips, demonstrates exactly how to plant each seed and what to do next once the growing starts. Have you joined The Rose Press Garden app yet? The videos really help me. Mine are now planted up and sat on a sunny windowsill waiting to grow.

As well as sowing the subscription box seeds, now would be a great time to get out in your gardens and get tiding and preparing for the season ahead. I have been busy tidying boarders, pulling up weeds etc, it still looks a mess but hopefully it all comes together once the flowers start to bloom.

I also found some bulbs I missed, I know its mega last minute, but I’ve popped them in, and crossed everything they grow. I am sure Beatrix Potter ‘popped’ bulbs in on a whim and look how her garden turned out.

Lastly, do you remember the soggy bath? You know, when I planted my bulbs last year and it rained so hard the next day, they were submerged… I planted so many bulbs I could have cried. Well look… some are sprouting… I literally squealed with excitement. Fingers crossed its jam packed with blooms come spring.

Talking of spring, I can almost smell it. It all feels so hopeful, fresh, and ready for a new year of growing ahead. Let’s begin, starting with planting the seeds from our subscription boxes and planning the sowing for the months to come.

It’s so exciting seeing all the bulbs popping up, seeding sprouting and greenhouses being brought to life. So, grab your Artline marker, packs of seeds and be prepared to don your Beatrix Potter creative hat and GROW!

Ps. Don’t forget to share on the app I can’t wait to see all our beautiful gardens come to life this spring.

Catch up soon. Jess

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