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and do you want to know why gardening is so great for your well-being…?








Hi! I’m Jenny, Mental Health Nurse, Mum, Wife, Sister, Friend, and complete Beginner Gardener…

Ok..let me start by telling you that until 2021 I had never owned a single seed, bulb or tuber, and I had certainly never grown anything from any of these things! Well…see the pictures above…I GREW THESE, from seeds and a tuber!



How did I get into gardening?? its quite a good story, so get a brew or a G&T as I prefer and sit down and have a read of my blog! Its my only one….especially for Lizzie, the wonderful owner of The Rose Press Garden.

In March 2021 we got an email from our local allotment society to say we had reached the top of the waiting list and were we still interested in an allotment plot. To be perfectly honest, I had completely forgotten that we had put our names down for this during 2020 lock down. However, excitement came over me so I took this as a sign to say YES! We were still interested!

We accepted the allotment, Plot 47, a lot of work was needed and I then realised that ‘Oh’! I actually know nothing about how to grow anything so I had better learn fast!

My allotment neighbour suggested I set up an Instagram account for my gardening journey, ‘Interesting’ I thought, I had never considered this and goodness me I am so glad that I did…I have now tapped into the most WONDERFUL community of people and made so many forever friends who have, and continue to help me learn so much. I cannot imagine being without them now. They encourage me every day and we share in each others successes and failures and it’s a wonderful connection to have.

Lizzie was one of the first accounts that I came across, I saw a post she did in a gorgeous white jumper with yellow sleeves surrounded by beautiful flowers enticing me into her garden!

The thing that instantly struck me about Lizzie is her passion for gardening, she is so passionate about what she does and  I LOVE passionate people, passionate people are just a joy to be around, they believe in what they are doing and its so infectious.  Lizzie is infectious, she helped to make me feel that I could have a go at anything, you will know what I mean when you follow her account and watch her really educational and helpful tutorials. She has a very natural way of helping you to believe in yourself and to have a go, she is super supportive and very responsive, always happy to help with any questions along the way.

I knew I wanted a garden and an allotment full of flowers, but I didn’t know where to start, Lizzie helped me to make a start.

The first thing I did was sign up to her Monthly Subscription, at that time it was flower seeds, now it is so much more, which is so exciting….to see a business that you care about grow and develop has been another amazing cherry on the cake.

I digress a little, you will get used to it, its because I am very passionate too!

The monthly subscription..          

Is a joyous monthly piece of mail at the start of every month. I literally do a happy dance when I see it sticking through the letterbox. The seed selection is representative of what we can sow that month. The instructions and affirmations on the reverese of the instruction leaflets and beyond pretty illustrations and packaging are just everything that Lizzie is about, joy, passion, fun, beauty and hope..

‘ To plant and garden is to believe in tomorrow’ – Audrey Hepburn

This is what I am reminded of every time my subscription box arrives, and on a serious note, as a mental health nurse, giving hope is a gift and in my view, this is what Lizzie is doing for many people, she is giving people hope and helping people to look towards the future, which is an essential part of our well-being.

The first time I sowed a Cosmos seed (that’s the gorgeous white flower at the top of the blog) and it germinated and then grew into this amazing flower really was an experience and feeling I have never felt before and I am now hooked! I am seriously addicted to gardening with Lizzie but it’s a good addiction to have in my view!

I would encourage everyone who reads this blog to check out Lizzie’s instagram account and try a grow a don’t need an allotment, or a garden in fact, Lizzie makes it so give it a go!

Take a look at Lizzies Instagram page @therosepressgarden and visit her website at www.therosepressgarden so you can see for yourself the amazing tutorials and every step of the way videos she has provided to enable you all to grow the garden of your dreams, you won’t regret it….


Happy Growing!  





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