Gardening jobs for November

November is definitely the month where we tend to ‘tidy up’ the garden and also start planning ahead for next year. If you haven’t got your bulbs for spring colour yet- then you must. By doing some work and planting them now, you will have a beautiful display next year.

  • Plant lots of bulbs in pots and borders. Fill every pot and plant up every border. When planting ensure they are at least twice their depth of soil or compost
  • Lift dahlia tubers after the first frost, clean them off and store in dry compost in a cool, frost-proof place (and away from mice or animals!)
  • Cut down faded perennials, now is also a good time to mulch the surrounding soil with garden compost
  • Gather up and bin the fallen leaves of roses affected by blackspot, so they don't carry the disease over to next year. 
  • Make sure all tender plants are safely under cover and kept frost free
  • Check greenhouse plants regularly for overwintering pests
  • Avoid splashing foliage when watering, as it will dry slowly in cool weather and fungal diseases may set in 
  • Continue to mow the lawn in mild spells if the grass is still growing, but raise the height of the blades
  • Collect fallen leaves and place in bin bags, then leave to decompose into leaf mould
  • Put waterproof covers over any garden furniture that you can't take indoors over winter
  • Clean out and scrub bird feeders regularly to maintain hygiene

Have fun in your garden this November and do share your photos with me on instagram @therosepressgarden


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