Gardening jobs for July

July is where the garden is really in full flow. Hopefully we have flowers galore to enjoy. Plus there is lots to do to plan for the year ahead. A productive Summer thinking about Spring next year can make all the difference. All the seeds over the next few months will focus on creating a gorgeous garden easily- by being one step ahead and planting flowers early. This will save time and money in the long run!

Gardening jobs for July to keep you busy…

  • Give dahlias a liquid feed, keep them well watered and tie the shoots of tall varieties to sturdy stakes as they grow
  • Weed, weed, weed those borders making sure you catch any weeds before they go to seed!
  • Water and feed sweet peas regularly, pick the flowers every few days, and remove seed pods to prolong flowering
  • Feed, water and deadhead summer bedding regularly, in pots, borders and hanging baskets- particularly if it is hot and dry
  • Cut back early summer perennials, such as hardy geraniums and delphiniums, after flowering for a second flush
  • Take softwood cuttings from shrubs such as hydrangeas and spiraea
  • Feed and deadhead roses to keep them flowering strongly (a tomato feed is best to encourage healthy flowers)
  • Keep watch for pests such as lily beetles, snails, aphids, and vine weevils, and remove before they do too much harm
  • Sow biennials for flowers next year (I’ve got you covered on this one!)
  • Don’t forget to take photos to look back on in the winter. You’ll be really pleased you did for when you’re planning your borders next year.
  • Grab a drink and enjoy the garden- take in the nature & wildlife and all of those gorgeous flowers you’ve grown!

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    Hi Lizzie did I see on Facebook you were advertising advent calander?

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