Gardening jobs for December

Happy Christmas (nearly!), I love December as it is the time of year for the much anticipated The Rose Press Garden Flower Seed Advent Calendar. I love opening a flower seed each day in the run up to Christmas and it means I can start truly planning my garden after Christmas ready for the sowing season ahead. There is still plenty to keep you busy in the garden- from frost protection, to planting bare root roses…

Things to keep you busy this month:

  • Protect terracotta pots from cracking in freezing weather by bringing them indoors or wrapping
  • Rake up accumulated fallen leaves in borders that could be harbouring slugs and other pests
  • Plant bare-root roses and other deciduous shrubs, plus ornamental trees
  • Hang bird feeders near roses to attract hungry birds that will also pick off any overwintering pests
  • Plant fragrant winter shrubs in pots on the doorsteps, including chimonanthus, sarcococca and Daphne odora
  • Prune climbing roses between now and February
  • Hard prune overgrown shrubs and hedges while they're dormant
  • Check stored bulbs and corms regularly for any signs of rot
  • Water plants sparingly to keep the greenhouse as dry as possible, which should reduce outbreaks of disease
  • Put out fresh water for birds every day during frosty weather
  • Clear out your shed, and organise and clean your tools
  • Check tree ties and stakes are firm enough to stand up to winter storms


Have a safe and happy Christmas from all of us here at The Rose Press Garden!

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