Day 8 of the advent calendar: Godetia

Godetia is beautiful- lots of pink flowers en-masse. Super easy to grow- simply direct sow (sprinkle) where you would like them to flower.

These are great in the middle to front of borders and the pollinators love them too!

We will direct sow these where we want them to flower in late Spring- I usually do mine in May. 

"Godetia flowers, also frequently called farewell-to-spring and clarkia flowers, are a species of the Clarkia genus that are not very well known but excellent in country gardens and flower arrangements. It is an attractive and very showy annual flower. Its blooms are similar to those of an azalea, and they usually come in shades of pink to white. They are about 5 cm in diameter, with four equally sized and spaced petals. The plants tend to grow to 30-75 cm in height, depending upon the variety."

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