Day 24 of Advent Calendar: Aquilegia White Star

Nothing brings me more joy than Aquilegia's blooming in May and June- often a time of year where the bulbs have gone over but the full summer rush of flowers has began. Therefore- aquilegia's are essential in my cottage garden to add interest. They self seed prolifically so this is a lovely investment because you will find them spreading through borders over the year. 

This particular variety is a gorgeous white with two sets of petals, it has a lovely height so are brilliant planted in the middle of borders. This variety would also look amazing in a white garden alongside Cosmos purity and Alyssum Snowcloth.

Aquilegia's are reliable perennials (their life cycles repeat over many years). They're sometimes also referred to as 'columbine' or 'granny's bonnet. Aquilegias make lovely cut flowers and the semi-evergreen foliage provides a good backdrop for other plants.

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