Alex's Flower Seed & Gardening Advent Calendar Experience

For me, one of the best things about the advent calendar from TRPG was the fact it introduced me to varieties of flowers I’ve never heard of before! Phlox Twinkle Star Dwarf and Thai Silk Poppies being some of my favourites! With the advent calendar, you got a little time line of when to sow each variety, whether to sow in seed trays or direct sow which really helped getting to grips with what to sow and when and is something I will keep for years to come as it’s helpful to refer back to! I also loved the fact that Lizzie was doing live videos on a Saturday or Sunday morning to allow you to sow your seeds along with her. Lizzie even did a “sprinkle party” with all of the direct sow seeds and explained where each variety should go in your garden to make the biggest impact. Overall I think the advent calendar was a brilliant idea and personally I will be repurchasing, it gave me something to look forward to after the excitement of Christmas and New Year and made me long for the spring days ahead!

Alex G


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