4 ideas to transform a small garden

Having a small garden doesn't mean you can't have a stylish garden. Here are some simple and quick ideas to transform your garden.

1) Add some flower-filled containers. Adding a container planted with seasonal flowers adds instant colour and can brighten the garden

2) Create a simple water feature. This will create a peaceful sound and a good place for small birds and wildlife.

3) Garden furniture. Adding some fresh garden furniture can transform a space. I'm a huge fan of a deck chair and recommend British company Denys & Fielding: https://www.denysandfielding.co.uk/collections/deckchairs-garden-chairs

4) Plant a tree. Trees add wonderful height, can add shade where needed and if you choose the right one you can have colour all year. Plus they're great for bringing new wildlife to the garden.


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  • Lorraine

    Great ideas for a novice gardener

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