3 ways to enjoy your garden this Summer

Sitting outside and enjoying the garden is sometimes something I struggle with- I see a weed that needs pulling, plants that need watering or flowers that need deadheading- but I've made it my mission to become more mindful in the garden this Summer and that includes taking time to enjoy my garden.

Here are some of my top tips to enjoy your garden this Summer:

1) Watch the wildlife: grab a seat and sit and watch all the insects & wildlife in your garden. I absolutely love watching the bees go from foxglove to foxglove, or the hoverflies in the poppies. There is something incredible about just sitting back and watching the world of nature pass by. I'm a huge believer in planting plans that appeal to pollinators & wildlife so sitting back and enjoying the borders that I've planned and grown for months is really important.

2) Have a tipple in the garden: By pouring a drink and sitting still you can really take the time to appreciate the garden and it stops me from rushing from job to job. So whether it is a cup of tea in the morning before the gardening starts, an ice cold drink during the heat of the summer, or a tipple or two in the evening under the stars- make sure you get out and enjoy your garden!

3) Eat alfresco: We've talked about having a drink, but eating alfresco on some lovely garden furniture can really elevate your meal and experience. Invite your friends over, (burn a citronella candle if you're worried about insects whilst you eat) and enjoy just 'being' in your garden 

All of these I have done whilst sitting on this gorgeous British designed white iron bench. This was kindly sent to me by the team at 'Made to Last' who create gorgeous sustainable pieces; from beds, living room to outdoor furniture- all built to last the test of time. Supporting British businesses and choosing sustainable, good quality items for my garden is so important, so I wanted to share this with you too.

Website: www.made-to-last.co.uk

Instagram: @madetolastuk




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