Zoe's 2021 Flower Seed Gardening Advent Calendar Experience

A little blog post about Advent Calendar 2021...

I received the advent calendar as a present in late November. It immediately got hung up on the wall and the countdown to 1st December started. 

My two girls, 5 and 3, had their standard chocolate advent calendars and I had my seed one… or so I thought!! By day 2 they had devised a plan where the 3 of us took it in turns to open the Rose Press calendar and the chocolate ones were quickly forgotten!! 

We loved the excitement every day of coming down the stairs, to open the little envelope and discover what seeds were todays! We already had some favourites (sweet peas, cornflowers and cosmos) but we discovered so many more as the days went on last December. In fact we travelled up to Scotland to spend Christmas with family and the girls insisted that we brings the final few envelopes with us. I loved seeing how much they loved it. 

The final envelope surprise encouraged us to go onto Rose Press garden website and order some bare roots (I am now I obsessed with Astilbe!) and some more dahlia tubers!

And then the fun begin in February time when we got to start sowing some of them! The girls loved helping and also wanted to learn about each different flower. We also gifted a few packets to family and friends so they could share in the joy.

In the following months Lizzie continued to support and encourage everyone and was brilliant at keeping me on track in terms of what needed to be sowed and then planted out out when! We invested in another coldframe in order to house all of our precious seedlings! I also tried some new things like direct sowing (not something a gardener who likes control does very often!)

It has been incredible watching the garden develop this year. The love that Lizzie puts into everything she does is so evident- from the packaging, the little information cards and the videos, and we then in turn love the process and of course the flowers at the end of it. 

I am already very excited for this year’s advent calendar - it was amazing to discover new seeds (how did I not already know the amazing phlox or the beautiful godetia) or new colours of flowers that I already know and love (hello white cornflowers!) Could not recommend the advent calendar enough… but also the other amazing seeds, bulbs, tubers and bare roots that Lizzie sources! 

Lots of love xx

Zoe xx

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