What Flowers to sow in February

In February the light levels are higher and the first signs of Spring are upon us- tulips poking through the soil, Daffodils and Snowdrops... soon the garden will be bursting into bloom! Now is also a brilliant time to start sowing seeds under cover. You will need a very light windowsill and either a greenhouse, zippy greenhouse, or a cool but very light part of the house. A lot of the seeds below can be sown throughout Spring so there is no rush if you have full windowsills.

Sweet Peas- these can be sown in Autumn and at the start of the year. For bountiful blooms, nothing compares to Sweet Peas.

Cosmos- there are many varieties of Cosmos to choose from. These can be sown from February onwards. Cosmos are an absolute must-have for the garden.

Cleome- gorgeous flowers that look like fireworks. Also known as 'Spider flower', Cleome is a brilliant seed to sow from February onwards for a beautiful display that will last late into the Summer.

Snapdragons- beautiful cottage-garden favourites, these tall spires of flowers are loved by pollinators and look amazing in borders.

Ammi Majus- gorgeous white umbels of flowers. Brilliant at the back of borders and for cutting and adding to bouquets as they have a long vase life. I usually sow these towards the end of February.

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