Top gardening programmes that you can watch now for inspiration

Sitting back after a full day in the garden with a tipple and watching a gardening show is probably one of my favourite things to do. I love seeing other people's gardens get transformed and I love all the tips and tricks you can learn. It often leads to my 'plant list' getting longer with even more varieties I want to to try and grow in my garden.

1) Gardeners World

It's an absolute classic. It takes you through gardening step by step. The videography is amazing and I love that they have more younger presenters on there too. 

The new series starts on 19th March- eeeeeeeek! I can't wait!

2) Garden Rescue

I love everything about this programme. Charlie Dimmock & The Rich Brothers make gardening so accessible and there are so many tips and tricks. 

3) Big Dreams, Small Spaces

Another one with Monty, but so good. It's a brilliant programme for inspiration for small gardens and the people do a lot of the work themselves which I think shows a realistic view of how gardening is for most people. Some of the garden transformations have been incredible. This is bingeable!

4) A to Z of gardening, Presented by Carol Kirkwood

Available to watch on BBC Iplayer- I loved this series to watch in the background whilst doing other things. It's an easy watch with no effort. It uses clips from different gardening programmes over the years and is a little dated, but a lot of the gardening knowledge and tips still remain so relevant.

5) French Gardens, Italian Gardens, Japanese Gardens, American Gardens- Basically any where Monty travels to a country to talk about gardens. 

What I love about this programme is that you are fully emerged into the culture of that place and there are often some really contrasting gardens to what we might consider here in the UK to be standard garden.

6) Your Garden Made Perfect, Presented by Angela Scanlon

This programme really shows the incredible creativity of a garden designer. A really good watch if you want to be inspired with RHS Chelsea style gardens. I thought the budgets on some of the gardens were high and a little un-relatable for most new gardeners but there are plenty of little tricks you can learn to take into your small garden. 

7) Gardening with Carole Klein

As so many of you already know, I'm obsessed with Carole. I love her energy and enthusiasm for all things flowers. Whilst I do like growing veggies, it's really flowers that make my heart sing, so I think Carole and I have a lot in common in that sense.


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