Top 10 plants for shady gardens

Planting for a shady garden needn't be difficult- there are lots of gorgeous plants to choose from. Here are few of my top suggestions:


1) Hostas

They come in so many different foliage colours- lovely lush green leaves. Brilliant for shade, but not great in dry shade. Plant a mix of different varieties together for a real display. Also brilliant in containers and pots.

2) Bleeding Heart

Also known as Dicentra. These have gorgeous heart shaped flowers. Super duper pretty. Comes in White and pink.

3) Nicotiana

Trumpet-like, night-scented flowers. Grown as an annual these are gorgeous and come in an array of colours

4) Foxgloves

Brilliant to add height in borders. Foxgloves are great for pollinators- the bees love them. There are some gorgeous apricot and peach toned foxgloves.

5) Snowdrops

One of the first flowers to bloom each year- and they bring so much joy. Planting your shady borders with Snowdrops will look beautiful when there isn't much else in bloom.

6) Bluebells

One of UK's most loved British wildflowers. Ensure you buy British variants if you do plant these in your garden.

7) Solomon's Seal

Bell shaped blossoms hanging down, loved by bees and great for shady borders.

8) Astilbe

I grew a 'Candyfloss' Astilbe in my borders which looked incredible. It has frothy delicate flowers.

9) Heuchera

These come in a lovely array of foliage colours- from pale greens to dark vivid purple foliage. I love Heucheras in borders and containers.

10) Aquilegia

Quintessential cottage-garden flowers- also known as granny's bonnet or columbine. These don't mind part-shade so have scraped onto my list. They flower in early Summer alongside alliums and peonies. So pretty!

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