Suzanne's Gardening Monthly Subscription Box Experience

I was lucky enough to get a The Rose Press Garden subscription for my birthday in April. Since then I was hooked, and signed up myself once my birthday one had run out. 

I had recently created new borders and i wasn’t too sure how to get the most out of the space I had. The subscription allowed me to focus on the long-term rather than just being spontaneous and filling it quickly. Part of gardening for me is slowing down and being mindful, literally stopping to smell the roses! The subscription has taught me to not rely on just buying flowers from the garden centre, but actually involving myself in the whole process and satisfaction from growing from seed. As well as allowing myself to destress, I feel excited by seeing seedlings appear and of course the flowers! 

The subscription makes the whole process accessible and takes the guess work out of gardening, and through the tips and information cards, I am learning how to garden all year around and understand more about creating a garden that you can enjoy for more than just summer! 

The flowers that are included in the subscription really match my own preferences; beautiful pastels, blues, whites, pinks and purples with splashes of more exotic colour – all of which compliment each other and help you to create a vibrant garden. 

I am so pleased with my subscription, and each month I really look forward to what is coming in the post. I totally recommend the subscription for allowing you to create a beautiful garden as well as enabling you to learn more about flowers and gardening.

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