Sophie's January Garden

My garden is pretty dormant this month, as I imagine is the case for most of us, so I've been looking forward to my 2023 garden. Luckily, I took Lizzie's advice when I potted up my October subscription box bulbs and added a layer of winter bedding plants, so I've had something nice to look at rather than soil for the last couple of months. It's really brightened up an otherwise dull winter for the garden. I can't wait for the gorgeous Muscari and tulips to push through!

That doesn't mean there's been nothing to get on with! I've been tidying up and adding the last of the leaves to my leaf mould stash and any dead (not diseased) wood to my nature pile. It's not pretty, but I have seen a hedgehog sniffling around it, so I would recommend giving it a go if you'd like to get some wildlife into the garden. It’s also a really lazy way to dispose of any pruned branches!

I've also been diligently topping up the bird feeders and water around the garden to help our flying friends during the colder months.

One thing that has kept me going is seeing the bulbs start to come through. I've seen my first tulip from the November subscription box start to push through and I can't wait for a sea of peachy blooms in spring!

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