Sneak peeks of what's in the subscription for the months to come!

Hello, here are some sneak peeks of what is going to be in the monthly subscription in the following months... I will keep this updated and share more of the exact varieties much closer to the time. Please be aware that sometimes things can change. Varieties can have poor harvests or subscriber numbers can grow so please don't take the below as gospel, more of an idea of what's to come! (I'll obviously always do my best to stay true to what's below of course!) 

Please note: Stock levels can change, and I can't always guarantee the below is what you will receive. I'll always do my best though!


June- PLANTS... something a little different! 

3 x herb plants- Rosemary, Lavender and Mint... perfect for small terracotta pots, cocktails and edible too!

July- Biennial and perennial flower seeds that we sow now for a gorgeous display next Spring alongside our bulbs!

Please note- these seeds can vary due to stock levels.


Foxglove bondanna mix
Forget me not white
Canterbury bells
Hollyhock chaters double rose
Honesty mixed


August- A gorgeous climber for a bit of 'instant' gardening.

A white passiflora (a passion flower... WOW!) great for growing in a pot or climbing against a fence


An Actindia which is a gorgeous climber with pink leaves!!!

*I cannot guarantee which plant you will receive, and cannot save either for specific people. Once they've gone, they've gone!

*grown at a UK family run nursery, known for the highest quality climbers.


September- Autumn sown seeds

October- An array of spring flowering bulbs

November- An array of spring flowering bulbs



  • Yvette Wain

    Hi I’m a new subscriber and have just received my first box of may seeds and came across this post.
    Thankyou so much it’s nice to see what we have to look forward to in the coming months 😁 Best wishes and Congratulations for your big day 💒 👰‍♀️ 🤵‍♂️ I hope your big day brings you lots of beautiful special memories and it’s everything you wish for 🥰 💐 xXx

  • Sheila Stewart-Hogg

    Debating with myself – should I give in to this temptation or not!!!!!!

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