November subscription box by Jess

“Just Go For It” is one of The Rose Press Gardens wonderful mottos. One that hugs you when something in your garden didn’t quite go to plan. Let me explain…



Its November subscription box time. Isn’t this month’s box beautiful, even the postman commented how gorgeous it is. What a treat to receive something so pretty, and something that adds a sprinkle of ‘joy’ into these dark winter days.



In the November box there is Tulips, so many glorious tulip bulbs. In mine there were ‘Pink Star’, ‘Salmon Impression’, ‘Fancy Frills’, and another ‘Pink Star’ variety all displayed in their colourful paper bags. As I sat and read through The Rose Press Garden ‘how to plant and care guide’ I started doodling my bulb map. Do you do this? A garden doodle that is? It helps me to get started.



Now, last month I told you that I was going to attempt my very first ‘bulb lasagne’. Lasagne meaning layer of bulbs, not pasta sheets on this occasion. After way too long snuggled on the sofa scrolling bulb reels, watching The Rose Press Gardens how to’s and scribbling down a ‘kind of bulb map’ I decided to don my wellies and head out. Full of optimism, the fresh air buzz and a couple of The Rose Press Garden Subscription boxes I got to work.



First this beautiful Belfast sink, that sits right outside my back door. I removed the geraniums (popped them in the greenhouse for next year), and a fair bit of compost to make room for the first layer of bulbs. In went the daffodils, nice and deep, more compost, then followed by a layer of The Rose Press Garden’s Iris’, more compost, before finally topping off with some pansies which I dug from a self-seeded spot in the garden. I don’t know about you, but to me this sounds like a pretty ‘yummy’ lasagne.




Continuing on, I potted up a few terracotta pots with Tulips. Then my old, galvanised bath, with daffodils, tulips, and mascara. Ow how it felt productive, hopeful for the spring sunshine when these bulbs will bloom.



As discussed, The Rose Press Garden says to ‘Just Go For It’ which I did, but she also says its ok to make mistakes with gardening. Wellllllllllllll, I think I’ve heard her say this, gosh I am hoping she has, otherwise I am just stood crying over soggy bulbs wishing Id planned better.



Drainage holes! This is the lesson I have learnt today. You need lots of them, and as you can see from the photo this bath was lacking in them. Niagara Falls had nothing on the speed at which the water poured out the newly drilled holes. I am learning. I am hoping the bulbs survive and I have everything crossed for a jam packed, floral display come spring. If in doubt cross your toes and hope for the best.



But the pots were fine, the Tulip bulbs are snug in their terracotta pots (not drowning). The Belfast sink is all good to ‘grow’ (again not submerged, you have to laugh at yourself sometimes). And after a few days even the bath was fully drained, and I am hopefully for a full recovery for said bulbs. Now that all the pots are tucked in for winter, it’s time to get digging deep for the bulbs in the flower beds. When do you start putting in your flower bed bulbs? I was thinking end of November/ early December time, so ‘the bulbs are all nestled all snug in their beds’ ready for the festive season ahead.





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