The 5 prettiest flowers you can grow from seed

Pretty flowers are a must have in your garden. I have tried to choose my top 5 (it was tough to decide)!

I've chosen pretty flowers that you can grow in your garden from seed. & all of these are available on my website to purchase.


1. Hollyhock Chater's Double

In top pole position is this gorgeous Hollyhock. It was pink ruffly double petals on tall spires. This hollyhock variety adds height to borders and it is my most commented on flower on Instagram and when people come to visit. You can grow these pretty flowers from seed, but as these are biennual they take a whole year before they flower. The patience is worth it. We will sow them together in the Summer for flowers the following Summer.

Grow pretty flowers from seed

2. Snapdragon Appleblossom

An absolutely gorgeous pale pink and white Snapdragon. These are on tall spires and the bees absolutely love them- so not only are they extremely pretty, but they also help wildlife- bonus! these are great to sow in the middle of borders and also in pots or large containers. They look particularly good with pansies or violas around the base.

3. Cosmos Double Click Rose Bon Bon

Cosmos is so easy to grow from seed and it's incredible that something so gorgeous can grow from such a small plain seed that looks like a piece of rice. These ruffle-ly pink double petals are an absolute must have if you want to grow a pretty garden from seed. Ensure you deadhead these flowers throughout the season to get more blooms. 

4. Sweet Peas (there are too many for me to choose my favourite variety).

Not only are these pretty to look at, but they also have gorgeous scent. Growing Sweet Peas from seed is easy. They can be sown January-May, or sown in Autumn for a head start on the year ahead.

5. Ammi Majus

Gorgeous white umbels of pretty white flowers. These look stunning and simple on their own, and they also look incredible mixed with other pretty flowers in borders, or as a backdrop to roses. Sow in Spring for tall 1m flowers in the Summer, or sow in the autumn for a head start.


All of the seeds listed above are available on my website to purchase. £1 from every order is donated to Greenfingers Charity who create magical spaces for children in hospices.

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  • Pat Hinds

    Thank you for the tips on seeds to sow
    I have planted seeds today so look forward to great display

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