'My December Garden' by Jessica


Here we are, nestled in the busiest time of the year, planning our socks off for the merry season upon us. I don’t know about you, but I need my garden right now. It’s my escape for a few moments. Where I go to check my dahlias drying out or the autumn seedlings who seem so still this time of year. It’s the simple act of ‘growing’ that fills my ‘mental health cup’. It’s needed, especially when Christmas is here.



Talking of here, so is the December box, and what a box we have this month. In my eyes it’s not a box but rather a deluxe surprise parcel that arrived to spread gardening joy among us. This month we have a plant! Yes you heard me right, an actual, potted up, growing, wonderful Clematis plant.  There were three varieties that went out, I was lucky enough to receive the ‘Clematis Pixie’ and I am so excited to read, plan and pot up this new Clematis in my garden.



Honestly, I am a bit of a Clematis beginner so I read up lots on The Rose Press Garden website. There is a wonderful blog post Lizzie has written ‘ The Wonders Of Clematis’ with lots of helpful tips. I never knew December was a brilliant time for planting a Clematis, I always naively thought that planting stops at the end of the year. When in fact with all the bulbs, autumn sewing and Clematis’ potting on… our garden prep is just as busy during this season. It is just wonderful, isn’t it! I love that The Rose Press Garden’s subscription box opens doors for so many gardening possibilities, it fills us up with new knowledge every month.



Clematis ‘Pixie’, “ a super cute evergreen climber producing masses of tiny small scented cream blooms from March through to May”.


Off I went, wellies on (because the UK weather alternates between turning my garden into either an ice rink or Niagara falls) and hopped along to my greenhouse, my safe haven, with my new Clematis baby.


Following The Rose Press Garden’s instructions, I have decided to pot it on, then I can decide a spot for it later.  Ideally, I’d love it to grow over a doorway, but I think I will need more trellis for it to climb up. Where are you positioning yours? The Clematis Pixie is a group one Clematis, meaning it will flower early in the year and be happy in an all-aspect position (sun to shade). I am hoping it will add interest around my door frame, as it gets a good amount of sun.



Also, while we are on the subject of The Rose Press Garden, have you seen Lizzie’s new app? How exciting!!! Lizzie I honestly don’t know how you do it all, you are amazing and such an inspiration. This app is exactly what a novice, like me, needs, and I'm hooked. Everything you could possibly need is all in one place: chat, groups, TRPG shop, videos, blog posts, support and so much more. Plus, exclusive deals for subscribers! Definitely download it if you haven’t yet, and come say hi.  Huge congratulations Lizzie, another step to making gardening accessible for people  like myself. We may not know the fancy names but being part of a friendly community to turn to when something doesn’t go quite plan helps me build confidence and improve my gardening skills.. The Rose Press Garden app is fun, easy to use and has got us gardeners talking.





What a year! 2022 has been a roller-coaster hasn’t it and I cannot believe we are about to turn the page into 2023. My The Rose Press Garden Clematis is potted up and ready to grow. My bulbs are in (just) and my seedlings are sprouted up. Now I just cross everything and wait for the new year to let it all grow. Plus, if this past year is anything to go by the 2023 subscription boxes are going to be another round of joyful surprises, and I can’t wait to see.



So, Happy Christmas, I hope you have had a wonderful festive season with your loved ones, and I wish you all a very happy new year. May 2023 bring more happiness, love, and joy into your lives and lots of colourful, thriving growth in your gardens for the new year to come.









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