Meet the Gardener: Kelly @novice_gardener

The lovely Kelly has kindly shared what she has learnt so far since starting gardening in 2020. She shares her joy of gardening, how she caught the 'gardening bug' and shared some brilliant tips for first-time gardeners!


Tell us a bit about you and when did you started gardening, and why?

I started gardening in late spring 2020.  I saw someone online attach a little heart basket to their fence to plant flowers in and I wanted to give it a try.  I found a shop that sold the baskets and they also had seeds…wow those seeds packets were mighty confusing and I eventually saw a packet that said ‘grow straight to garden’ so bought those.  Once those little seedlings started to appear, I was hooked.


Which gardeners inspire you and why?

I started searching Instagram and You Tube and followed as many accounts as possible that I felt explained things simply yet thoroughly and therefore inspired me to learn about and try planting new seeds.  There are so many inspirational accounts but to narrow it down my favourites are, mainly all for this reason:



therosepressgarden (of course)







The Kitchen Garden with Eli and Kate

Project Diaries


What's the most ambitious gardening project you've completed or have planned?

There is a little raised bed on either side of the steps in my garden.  They currently have plants from the previous owner, one being an Azealia which I love but I have my eye on those beds and am thinking what can I do with them….perhaps make some space to grow the seeds from the therosepressgarden advent calendar!


What is your favourite thing to grow?

I bought an amaryllis (variety Temptation) this year which has been so low maintenance and easy to grow, it is now producing a second round of blooms!


Anything new you want to try in the next growing season?

I am looking forward to growing all the seeds from the therosepressgarden advent calendar as well as some of the different types of sunflowers also from therosepressgarden.  I’m also awaiting a delivery of Dahlias, Echinacea and Gladioli to try.


And last but not least a friend gave me some pansy seeds which she harvested from her pansies so these will be so special to me.


Where is your favourite garden in the world, and why?

My mother and father in laws’ garden, there’s always something to discover and it’s full of bees, butterflies and birds.


What do you wish you'd known earlier about gardening?

So many things… reading the seed packets the day I purchased the baskets I was so confused.  I read and re-read and it didn’t make any sense - germinate, grow in, plant out, indoor sow, grow on, the little colour chart about what to do and when. 

So for me I wish I knew a bit more about what the (basic?) terms meant when considering seeds.  I have been researching lots and I’m still not convinced I have a handle on it but I’m enjoying learning.


What advice would you give someone new to gardening?

If you’re thinking about it; do it!  At least give it a go. Seeing the seeds grow into something and looking after them is amazing, not to mention many other benefits such as relaxation, being out in the fresh air and with nature, I sometimes listen to a book or podcast whilst pottering too!

 Also, you can learn as you go. 

Lastly try to follow as many accounts that you like the ‘feel’ of, the gardening community is so friendly and welcoming.


When not gardening, what do you like doing?

I have not only been bitten by the gardening bug, calligraphy and crafting are creeping in there too.  Oh and dabbling in some watercolour painting.  I have joked that I’m a fair weather gardener and a winter crafter!


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