Laura's Gardening Subscription Box Experience

Back in 2020 during the first summer of the pandemic my boyfriend and I made the garden our project. We had absolutely no idea to start, except going to the garden centre and randomly picking out plants we thought looked nice! I discovered Lizzie that autumn and after watching a few of her videos I knew her advice and support would be invaluable. After purchasing her seeds and following her sow-a-longs I joined the subscription and haven’t looked back since! 

The biggest bonus I’ve found is knowing what to sow and when. Like I say when I first discovered gardening I hadn’t a clue. I was simply looking at gardening accounts on Instagram, seeing all the beautiful flowers and thinking, “how’d you do that?!” It was very overwhelming. With the subscription Lizzie sends seeds that can be sown that month, taking out all that guesswork. With each packet of seeds comes a handy instruction card too (which double up as beautiful prints!) so I could easily see how to sow the different types of seeds, where to keep them and eventually where to plant them.
There’s been lots of varieties I’d never even heard of that I’ve discovered through Lizzie: godetia, candy tuft, strawflowers, orlaya grandiflora to name a few. Strawflowers have absolutely fascinated me, their rough texture but stunning flowers! But it is really hard to choose favourites because everything I’ve grown so far has been equally beautiful. 
Lizzie is so lovely and so helpful too, I’ve gone to her with so many different questions, frustrations when things have gone wrong, and excitement when I’ve had bundles and bundles of flowers! She’s always been there to answer questions and offer support and advice. Even with the subscription itself there’s been times where I’ve had to pause months, and Lizzie has been more than happy to accommodate. 
I’ve never been able to get a nice photo of the pretty packaging when the subscription arrives each month, because I’m always too excited to see what’s inside! But I can honestly say it’s the most beautifully wrapped package, and it’s true to say you can sense the care that’s gone into each. One of the most exciting months was when 3 peony bare roots and a packet of seeds arrived - talk about good value for money! 
Overall I can honestly say The Rose Press Garden has ignited a passion for me. I’ve always loved flowers, but I would have never predicted becoming completely obsessed with plants, flowers, wildlife and everything garden-related! Thank you Lizzie sparkling heart

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