Heathers Gardening Monthly Subscription Box Experience

Go on give it a go, sow a seed… I dare you!


I’ve been sowing and growing veggies quite confidently for a few years now but flowers, well let’s just say, flowers were right out of my comfort zone (and boy did I love my comfort zone).  But, like a lot of others during lockdown I was searching for something new and didn’t quite know what.  I struggled to explain what I was looking for but when I tried the words that came out were ‘colourful, creative, joyous, outdoors’.


It just so happened that we were re-arranging our garden to accommodate a larger greenhouse, chicken run and more room to grow vegetables, however during the process I discovered a whole new world on Instagram, the world of growing flowers from seed and one of the accounts I started to follow was ‘The Rose Press Garden’. 


I’d been following Lizzie’s account for some time and with my confidence growing (pardon the pun!) after seeing what others had achieved, I took the plunge and signed up for the Monthly Subscription Box.  So, what is it about the box you may ask, well for me it’s a combination of the following:


  • I don’t have to decide what to sow each month, great if you’re a beginner
  • The seeds are fantastic quality, 100% germination rate so far
  • The accompanying instruction cards are clear and concise, plus you can frame them and hang them in your potting shed
  • The packaging is beautiful and I look forward to receiving my box every month
  • I’m supporting a small business


Tackling a garden project month by month is a great way of achieving the end result you want without it becoming overwhelming.    Following Lizzie’s Instagram account shows what can be achieved as she has created her own beautiful garden from scratch so it doesn’t seem an impossible task. 



Each month I find I am learning something new, and I feel my knowledge and abilities are improving no end, which in turn does wonders for my confidence.  I can only think of one side effect to all this… a drastically improved sense of wellbeing.


The icing on the cake for me was connecting with a local florist who recently used some of my blooms for our village fair and a local wedding.  Here’s a little picture of one of my creations, some of which was from seed from The Rose Press Garden



Lizzie really has created something special here so go on, as I encouraged at the top of this blog…I dare you to give it a go.




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