Gardening jobs for June

June is my favourite month... there, I said it! The sweet peas and roses are in full bloom, everything is lush and green and there is something new to see every day. It's a wonderful month to thoroughly enjoy the garden during this time, because all the hard work is now paying off. There's also plenty to keep you busy:

  • Spring bulbs will now have finished and died back. Lift and store tulip bulbs after flowering.
  • Wisteria can be pruned, cut the long side shoots back to 20cm to promote flowering next Spring.
  • If you haven't already, support tall growing perennials such as hollyhocks and delphiniums with canes or sticks. (Do this before it is too late and it has snapped).
  • Continue planting out in pots and borders, and water regularly to help plants establish quickly
  • Continue to tie in climbers 
  • Give container displays and hanging baskets a liquid feed every week to encourage flowering
  • Prune late-spring or early-summer shrubs after flowering, such as weigela and philadelphus, thinning out the older stems 
  • Cut all the flowers from your sweet pea structures once a week to encourage continuous flowering
  • We will also start sowing Biennial and perennial flower seeds for gorgeous flowers next Summer.
  • Photograph the garden and the borders to reflect and look back on.
  • Take time to enjoy your garden!

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