Day 7 of Advent Calendar: Cornflower 'Snowman'

With a lovely Christmas name, this variety of ice-white Cornflower is perfect for a ‘cottage style’ garden border. They are brilliant for pots and in borders too. Plus you can cut them for bouquets and posies AND they're brilliant for drying too! On top of that, they are edible so you can add them to salads, cakes and biscuits for a gorgeous floral touch. So these really are 'all-rounders' in the garden... did I mention that they're brilliant for pollinators too? Blimey, they really tick all the boxes!


PLUS they're super easy to grow! Simply scatter the seeds on well prepared ground in Spring and they will soon show signs of growth. Keep well watered and you'll have a flush of lovely blooms. These are particularly great at allotments because they're so great for pollinators, so you could sprinkle them around the edge of allotment plots, or simply around shrubs and perennials in your flower borders in your garden.


Cornflowers come in so many gorgeous colours... there may be some more to come... but I couldn't possibly say! 

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