Day 6: Hollyhock Chater's Double Pink

One of the best sellers on my site so it HAD to be included in the advent calendar. Gorgeous pink ruffled double petals on tall spires. These look amazing at the back of borders.

Hollyhocks have been grown in gardens for centuries, but we often see the single petalled varieties. Whereas this variety has gorgeous double petals. They have tall spikes of satiny, crepe-textured flowers making a gorgeous display in mid-summer. Best at the back of a sunny border, with something in front to hide their bare lower stems. The hollyhock plants usually act as short-lived perennials, but will re-seed themselves for many years.

We will sow the seeds from April and the seedlings will establish their leaves and roots for the following year where they will flower.

Rust can be a problem, particularly in humid hot weather. More coming on a blog post all about rust and how to prevent it in your garden!

I hope you love today's variety and enjoy growing all those gorgeous flowers!

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