Day 5 Advent Calendar: Nemophila 'Snowstorm'

Nemophila 'Snowstorm' is a very pretty annual. Great for the edges of pots, or at the front of borders. Super easy to grow from seed- you can simply direct sow and sprinkle the seeds. It doesn't like root disturbance so it should be shown where it is to flower. This variety of Nemophila has the tiniest flecks of black on pure white petals. I'm so pleased this variety can be part of the advent calendar and that we can all enjoy the blooms in the summer.

Sow the seeds in Spring for flowers during the summer months. I will be sowing the seeds on an Instagram LIVE so we can grow them together. Do follow along at @therosepressgarden for more information.

Top tip: Trim back the Nemophila after flowering to encourage a second flush. 


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