Day 3 Advent Calendar: Poppy 'Angel's Choir Mix

Oh my oh my oh my... if you like delicate pastels and frills then this poppy mix is for your garden! It's heavenly, angelic and makes you want to sing! Angel's Choir Mix is out of this world. It features double and semi-double petals with a mix of white and pink tones. Popping out of lush green foliage, the blooms almost seem to glow. If you have a hard time choosing one poppy to grow, this mix is a wonderful option, and that's why I needed it in this collection. It's an extremely pretty mix and I thought it would look amazing with the Cosmos and Phlox too!

Poppy seeds are so so so easy to sow- simply sow direct into well prepared borders (give it a jolly good dig over so the soil is nice, fine and crumbly), give the area a water and simply leave the seeds to grow. I love sowing poppies in the middle of borders because they dot up around shrubs, perennials and biennials like foxgloves.

I haven't grown this variety before but saw the seeds and knew I HAD to have them on my list for my 2022 garden. These are annuals so they will be sown in Spring and will flower in the Summer, but you will need to re-sow the seeds every year. You can collect the seeds but sometimes they can change and revert back to the standard red poppies, depending on the pollination.

I usually sow the poppies in stages, I buy a few packets and consistently sow them every couple of weeks from March all the way until May. Usually 3 or 4 full packets of seeds in my size garden. This fills borders with a steady flow of seeds. The advent calendar seeds would look best all sown at once, but you can purchase other varieties of poppies on my online shop. 

If you have any questions about how to grow and look after your poppies then send me a message, email or call- I'd be very happy to help.

Happy Growing!

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