Day 21 of Advent Calendar: Candytuft Dwarf Fairy Mixed

One of the simplest and easiest varieties to grow. It has been a firm favourite of mine for YEARS! I remember growing this in my very first patch growing up. You simply sprinkle and occasionally water in dry spells. As long as the ground is a nice crumbly texture when you start and you pick a nice sunny spot, then you can't go wrong. 

Amazing for direct sowing in any gaps in late Spring and early Summer. This is a hardy annual so you need to re-sow every year.

 Candytuft comes in lots of different colours, but I chose this mix because it incorporates so many gorgeous colours. It is one of the the prettiest candytuft mixes on the market- which meant we had to have it! This is also a variety I would recommend buying a few packets of so that you can sprinkle it in more flower beds to create a cohesive look!

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