Brilliant Bare Roots

By Becky

At a time when interest in the garden is dwindling, nights are drawing in and daytime sun is becoming ever more elusive, planning is at the forefront of most gardener’s minds. While the winter months are not the most inspiring in terms of getting things going for next year, it is the perfect moment to order new varieties to be delivered at optimum planting time. Christmas is expensive, but while pre-ordering bare roots might seem a luxury, they are truly a valuable investment in your garden, coming back year after year – they’re also a perfect, seasonal gift to hint at while around friends and family, not to mention a perfect surprise for a gardening friend or relative!


Hostas, dicentras, peonies, astilbes, hollyhocks… did you know that these gorgeous plants could all be grown from a bare root? Seemingly unassuming bundles of twisted and gnarled roots could seem to many an uninspiring and frankly ugly prospect, but the beauty and growth that unfurls is truly unmatched. Being simply planted into a pot or border filled with compost, and grit depending on the plant, a bit of water is all that is required and your garden will be filled with foliage, colour and interest throughout the gardening season next year and for many to come. If you have a shady border that is tricky to get right, bare root perennials might be the perfect solution. Hosta ‘White Feather’ will illuminate the space, with Bleeding Heart White adding delicacy and magic. If colour is more your thing, Hellebore ‘Montsegur’ is also ideal for shade, and a pairing with Astilbe ‘Amethyst’ or Japanese Anemone ‘Vibrant Pink’ will make the shady space truly shine right the year round. Alternatively, if you have a border in the sun, bare root perennials will turn it into a carnival of colour. Salvia ‘Amethyst’ never fails to impress with its shining purple spires, Aster ‘Pink Puff’ provides clouds of much needed colour in the autumn, and Peony ‘Salmon Chiffon’ is a favourite amongst pollinators with its bright petals and open centre. If you want to branch out this year and try something different. Oriental Poppy ‘Ruffled Patty’ is a showstopper on its own and when paired with Hollyhock ‘Chater’s Double White’, a classic English cottage garden with a twist begins to take shape.


But why opt for bare roots? While they may not look nearly as appealing as pot grown plants in their prime at the garden centre in June they are superior in a myriad of ways. For starters, they are cheaper! Most gardeners will rightly begrudge overspending on a geranium at a flower show, especially as they are available markedly cheaper as bare roots. In addition, the varieties on offer now are much wider and more unusual (with classic favourites available of course) so why wait when everything, and more, you could ever want can be bought now? For the environmentally conscious gardeners, bare root plants are considerably more sustainable than pot grown alternatives. They have less of a carbon footprint when transported, are packaged with a substantially less amount of plastic, and most are grown without chemicals, which are often prevalent in container grown plants, used to keep them looking at their prime. But bare roots are certainly the most environmentally friendly option, and in addition they allow you to bulk buy for your borders in advance of the growing season without breaking the bank!


Yet the best part is that a stunning, colourful array of bare root plants are available on the Rose Press Garden, making it easier than ever to grow perennials. The orders are delivered at optimum time for planting (early Spring), and with how to videos and instruction sheets there really is no better and more appealing alternative for preordering your bareroots this winter.


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  • Chloe Christie

    Do you keep watering potted bare roots? Or do you wait till they show growth?

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