Advent Calendar 2022: SPOLIER ALERT

Variety Annual/Biennial/Perennial Pinch? Height Spread Sow dates Plant out dates Flowers Description
1 Anchusa Blue Angel Perennial No 45cm 20cm Feb- April May July-August A gorgeous plant with vivid indigo-blue flowers which have lots and lots of blooms. Technically a perennial, 'Blue Angel' can be grown as an annual and adds a burst of colour to any border. 
2 Nicotiana Affinis Annual No 90cm 45cm March- April May June- September Nicotiana is fabulous for shaded areas of the garden. A bright white, it's fabulous in borders and post.
3 Oxeye Daisy Perennial No 90cm 45cm Feb- April May May- August These are synonymous with British summers. Gorgeous daisy flowers which come back year after year!
4 Phlox Twinkle Dwarf Star Annual No 20cm 20cm Feb- May May June- September One of my absolute favourite things to grow from seed, these have gorgeous zig zag flowers and are so wonderful in pots to enjoy all summer.
5 Polemonium Jacob's Ladder Perennial No 90cm 30cm Feb- April May May- August A beautiful native wild flower this has gorgeous tall blue flowers which are fabulous for the back of borders. Sown early will flower in as little as three months from seed.
6 Limonium Suworowii Annual No 60cm 30cm Feb-April May June-September Very different and striking, this is also known as 'Pink Pokers'. Gorgeous pink spires of flowers- it's going to look fab in your borders!
7 Cosmos Candystripe Annual Yes 60cm 25cm Feb- May May June- October One of my favourite Cosmos varieties, it has a gorgeous pink outside of each petal with a lovely white middle. Easy to grow and has the most flowers per square metre of any plant.
8 Nigella Delft Blue Annual No 60cm 30cm Feb- May May May- September Nigella is an absolute garden classic and this variety is easy to grow. It's also sometimes known as 'love in a mist'.
9 Aubretia Royal Blue Perennial No 15cm 45cm Feb- June May- June June- September An excellent ground cover perennial, perfect for rockeries, walls, borders, edging paths.This is fabulous planted alongside other trailling low growing plants like Erigeron!
10 Brachycome Swan River Daisy Annual No 25cm 25cm Feb-April n/a June-September An attractive lilac-colour with daisy-like blooms over a long flowering period. This annual bedding plant is an essential ingredient for summer container displays. Ferny deep green foliage is cloaked in a mat of rich blue flowers. Ideal for edging paths or borders.
11 Viola Large Flowered Mix Annual No 15cm 15cm March- April April- May June- December The cutest little flowers, violas are fabulous for adding on top of pots and at the edges of borders, full of colour and cheer!
12 Stocks Night Scented Annual Yes 50cm 20cm March- June June- August Deliciously scented flowers which open in the evening. Brilliant planted near doors, windows and where the scent can be enjoyed.
13 Saponaria Vaccaria Pink Beauty Annual No 60cm 30cm March- June Direct sow June- September A very similar plant to Gypsophila, with tiny, pretty pink flowers. It looks very cute mixed into borders and is so easy to grow! I'm very excited about this one!
14 Ragged Robin Annual No 70cm 45cm March- May March- May June- September One of our most glamorous, starry wild flowers which makes the perfect upper-storey to a back-lit area of grass, or wild garden and brilliant in just the same role in almost any arrangement. I love it.
15 Balsam Tom Thumb Mix Annual No 40cm 20cm May May July- September Amazing for bees and pollinators and this self seeds freely, a wonderful plant for middle of borders for interest.
16 Calandrina Ruby Tuesday Perennial No 15cm 45cm March-May May June- September A gorgeous deep violet, this is an ideal plant for growing on rock gardens or as an edging of a border. This variety has intense violet rose blooms and it's low growing so good for the fronts of borders.
18 Canterbury Bells Biennial No 120cm 40cm May- June May June-August I adore Canterbury Bells, they have such a gorgeous cup shaped flowers in pueple, blues and pinks. They are wonderful dotted through borders for flowers in early summer!
19 Cornflower Romantic Mix Annual Yes 100cm 30cm March- May May June- October No garden is complete without cornflowers, they are so great for a riot of colour. I love this pink mix of gorgeous cornflowers. Also great for bees and as edible flowers!
20 Eryngium Planum Sea Holly Perennial No 75cm 45cm March- April May July- October A stunning blue coloured plant with sculpted heads in a gorgeous grey or rich royal blue. Hard to beat and loved by pollinators.
21 Morning Glory' Heavenly Blue Annual No 3m 2m March- May May June- September This variety stopped me in my tracks- so gorgeous! The most incredible annual climber, so great for hiding any eye sores in your garden each summer, or to climb up a support. Very pretty pale blue flowers, like nothing else you've seen!
17 Campanula Glomerata Superba Perennial No 15cm 45cm March-May May June- August An invaluable ground cover, carpeting plant which spreads itself into cracks and joins in patios, terraces, walls and steps
22 Larkspur Dwarf Hyacinth Flowered Annual No 40cm 20cm March- May May June- September These dwarf larkspur are great for growing in pots! Very pretty mix of pastel purple, pinks and whites! Fab for bees and pollinators too!
24 Saponaria Ocymoides Tumbling Ted Annual No 10cm 60cm March- June Direct sow June- September Commonly known as tumbling Ted, Saponaria ocymoides is an RHS Award of Garden Merit winning perennial that is a must-have for your garden. Growing only 10-15cm tall, with a spread of 60cm, they will produce clusters of small pink flowers. Saponaria can be grown as a low-growing carpet plant or trailing gently over a wall. Super cute!
23 Linaria Canon J Went Perennial No 90cm 30cm March- April May June- September I am so excited about this variety, Linaria is so easy to grow and it has loads of flowers to enjoy! It loves a sunny spot and is so easy going AND it's a  perennial, so will come back year after year! Throughout summer, slender upright spires are covered with small, snapdragon-like flowers in a pretty shade of shell pink, which attract bees and other pollinators.

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