7 ways to create kerb appeal

Kerb appeal is simply a good looking garden that you can see form the kerb. Not the technical definition but also known as 'a banging front garden'.

It's easy to add a bit of colour and love to your front garden, and here's 7 tips to get you started:

1) Fill containers with seasonal flowers so that you have fresh and colourful flowers all year round

2) Grow a climber up your house or porch. I recommend Climbing roses, or Wisteria. NB: If you are going to choose Wisteria then try and buy the plant when it is in flower. Wisteria is notoriously hard to flower (I know from experience)

3) Line your pathway to the house. I can't recommend a lavender path enough- it smells incredible and is a wonderful way to get more pollinator-friendly plants into your garden. Plus (as if you need another reason), Lavender holds its structure all year round so it will look good, even when it's not flowering in Winter.

4) A feature or sculpture. Have you thought about a subtle feature or sculpture in your front garden? Even rustic poppy heads that support plants make wonderful interest to a front garden.

5) Symmetry. Have you tried planting the same border each side of your front door? This will create kerb appeal because as humans we are naturally drawn to symmetry.

6) Grass edging shears! The ultimate tool for kerb appeal. Grass edging shears snip the edges of the grass so that they have a clean cut. This is brilliant if you have grass either side of your path and want a sharp clean edge. It is a small task that makes a huge difference to the final look of the garden.

7) Mulching or adding a top dressing to a border or container so that it looks fresh. This also suppresses weeds and adds organic matter to the soil which helps break up clay, or can add structure to sandy soils. Check out Plant Grow for some brilliant products to help with this: https://www.plantgrow.co.uk/shop/

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