5 Stunning Bulb Lasagne Combinations to Inspire Your Own

5 Stunning Bulb Lasagne Combinations to Inspire Your Own

Today we’re sharing with you five stunning bulb lasagne combinations that will hopefully inspire your own! You may be thinking to yourself “what is a bulb lasagne and how do I make one?” – and you wouldn’t be alone; if you’re new to gardening, the thought of combining multiple bulbs in intricate layers can seem quite overwhelming, but it really couldn’t be easier!

Essentially, a bulb lasagne is the method of layering multiple types of bulbs in one pot to create a gorgeous, on-going display in spring. We start with the largest bulbs like late tulips and hyacinths and as we build up the pot, we use smaller, earlier flowering bulbs such as muscari and crocus. To get the most out of your lasagnes, try to place the bulbs in each layer in a slightly different position to the ones beneath it. You can check out the full how-to here, but here’s a quick guide to each layer:

Bottom layer - alliums, late tulips, hyacinths

Middle layers - daffodils, anemone

Top layer - dwarf iris, muscari, early tulips


Now let’s move on to the fun part – the combinations!

Pretty in Pink:


This gorgeous combination has a variety of hues and textures. If you like a monochrome look, this one’s for you. The fragrant hyacinths make it perfect for entryways or high-traffic areas.



Go Bold or Go Home:


For the bright and bold garden, this bulb lasagne combination really demands attention.


Deep and Elegant:


The deep maroon of this Labrador tulip will really stand out against the unique Pink Sunrise muscari.



The Classic Purple and Yellow:


Whilst the purple tones work nicely together, the tiny yellow details from the mini irises and daffodil centres really bring this whole bulb lasagne combination together.




Just Peachy:


From the apricot tones to the icy pale blue in the mini iris petals, this combination couldn’t get any more stunning!




Of course, staring at dull mud all winter can be a little underwhelming, so we recommend adding winter bedding plants to your pots! You get a gorgeous winter display, and the bulbs will grow through the plants in spring. It’s a win-win! Check out the in-depth how-to video over on our Instagram here.


So, there you have it; there really are endless bulb lasagne combinations, but hopefully these have given you some ideas and motivation to create your own! All of the mentioned bulbs can be purchased from The Rose Press Garden shop here. Remember to share your creations on Instagram and tag us @therosepressgarden.






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