Nasturtium 'Cherry Rose'

Nasturtium 'Cherry Rose'

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Bountiful rosey-pink blooms on funky green rounded leaves.

Nasturtiums are fab for soooo many reasons: 

- Beautiful flowers

- Funky foliage

(both you can eat!!!!)

- Great for planting alongside veg because often the pests choose the nasturtium instead of your veg- so a great one for an allotment

- Loved by pollinators

- Hates being pampered (doesn't like to be watered unless very dry weather and doesn't like feed, it likes low fertile soil)

- Grows in borders and pots- very versatile!


P.S Did I mention you can eat the flowers and the leaves? I love adding the flowers to ice cubes for florally cocktails and there are lots of Nasturtium pesto recipes out there to try, and made from the leaves!

(Plus it looks super cute in it's own right!)


[NB: This may feature in the monthly subscription in 2022]